Little Prayer Tea Company

Little Prayer Tea Company - Teas From Around The World Sampler Gift Box

$ 26
Tea Samples From Around The World This set of 6 different tea samples will take you around the world and immerse you in culture. From Japan to South Africa to Ecuador and everywhere in between, you can taste the flavor of each unique location without ever leaving your home. Each sample brews approximately 5 cups of tea and is individually packaged in a resealable pouch. Set includes: Tea With Nonna - Rooibos Tea From South Africa Assam For Breakfast - Bold Black Tea From Assam India Joy Tea - Raspberry Guayusa Tea From Ecuador Gen Maicha - Popcorn Green Tea From Japan Dragonwell Tea - Green Tea From China Moroccan Mint - Green Tea Blended With Spearmint & Peppermint From Morocco

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