The Journey

                                                         Owner = Katie McCarthy                        Captain = Shop dog


Katie McCarthy: owner, creator, buyer, truck driver, and a woman chasing a dream. Katie has 15 plus years of retail experience. She spent eleven years with Nordstrom maintaining a successful management position in San Diego, Hawaii and San Francisco. Katie hit a roadblock in her career and personal life that she struggled to move on from. She was at a point in her life where she had to make a big decision to change the course of her unhappy path. So she did what many of us dream of doing and went after what she had always had passion for. She combined her love of travel and fashion into one. Stop Shop and Roll was born.


Stop Shop and Roll .......SF-SD

Katie took the leap of being a fashion truck entrepreneur and got behind the wheels of Stop Shop and Roll, which was a mobile fashion truck on wheels. She was at the forefront of a literally moving trend, where fashion trucks merchandised with clothing and accessories hit to style the streets. Stop Shop and Roll was established on March 15th, 2013 in Oakland, CA. She found the bay area fashion truck market slightly saturated at the time and decided to relocate to sunny San Diego on July 1, 2013 with hopes of being a leader of the trend in a new region. Stop Shop and Roll was born mainly because the start up cost of owning and operating a brick and mortar are out of reach for most just starting out. A mobile business gave her the "wheels"  to test different markets and dial in San Diego's fashion culture. SSR offers a unique on-the-go shopping experience that comes to you or your private event. Unfortunately, after a year of styling the streets of SD the mobile phenomenon was not catching on in San Diego, but Katie had established a loyal following and decided to take the next step and took a Stroll.



Stroll Boutique 

Stroll, a brick and mortar located in Little Italy, CA opened November 2014. Stroll houses 10-15 hand-selected handmade collections, a curated selection of women’s accessories, jewelry and clothing, as well as a few pieces for the man in her life. Our Stroll babe is stylish, a bit boho, but remains comfy and classic in her everyday look. Stroll is where the beach meets the city streets, but always in the right outfit! Take a Stroll with your favorite babe......we promise you won't be disappointed. 


Stroll Boutique is now a Co-op space with Craftmossphere.