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Astatula Candle Co. - Zodiac Candle

$ 32
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is the heart of the winter season in the northern hemisphere. Fragranced with a unique blend of smoke, cedar, rosemary, pine, myrrh and agarwood. Hand poured 7oz soy wax candle in a thick walled glass tumbler. Made with fine phthalate free fragrances, essential oils, 0 additives and cotton wicks. The zodiac candle collection is a celebration of the 12 signs of the zodiac through fragrance, poetry, and fine art. Every detail was carefully considered and is a culmination of many years of candle crafting and studies in astrology. The packaging features artwork by Ali Norman and poetry by creator and astrologer Angela Ellis, printed on fine estate paper. Labels are color coded either gold or purple based on the traditional astrological concept of sect, which classifies the signs as either of the day or of the night. Each candle is housed in an eco friendly recyclable box which features nice on shop shelves. See our website for more in

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