FINCH and HARE - Horrible Suggestions Adult Advent Calendar

$ 16
Countdown the days to Christmas with this somewhat inappropriate advent calendar! For adults only: one horrible suggestion per day for twelve days, or scratch them off all at once. 8x10" size; hole-punched, cello-sleeved, SCRATCH-OFF sticker on cello. Under the scratch-offs (only look if you don't want to be surprised!): - Get yourself added to some naughty lists. - Start asking kids for proof that Santa is real. - Compliment a neighbor on their new bulbs. - At the gym, call everyone working out an ugly sweater. - Put that “ho” in holiday! - Kick off a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays debate for fun. - Santa Practice! Grab that list, find an old man’s lap, & prove how good you’ve been. - Order take-out! Make sure to request it be gift-wrapped. - Self on the Elf. - Better climb into that chimney to make sure Santa will fit. - See how many times you can jingle it all the way. - Act out Jesus’ birth. © 2023 Heather Abbott. All rights reserved.

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