Dirty Pop Cards

It’s Peachy Inappropriate 3D Greeting Card

$ 13
With all due respect, please back dat ass up. It’s Peachy is a cheeky 3D greeting card that celebrates the backside you love to make jiggle. The front cover says, “I love touching your butt”. The inside of the card continues, “It’s a real peach,” with a pop up peach emoji jumping from the centerfold. They’re gonna enjoy walkin’ that bodacious booty right into your hands when you drop this sex-infused card in their lap. Remember, you get a bite when they say you get a bite. Perfect Occasions:  Funny sex-themed cards for boyfriend/girlfriend, hilarious adult birthday cards for partner/lover, best cheeky 3D Valentine’s Day cards for him/her, sexy Anniversary cards for husband/wife, and more.

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