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Lit Rituals - 'Virgo' Wreath

$ 32
'Virgo Wreath' The 'Virgo Wreath' is made with Earth & Mercurial-ruled botanicals, hues of yellows and shades of green speak to the earthy spirit of the 6th astrological sign. A dangling jade crystal hangs from a silver chain at the wreath's center to represent the down-to-earth vibe of our beloved Virgos. From August 23rd- September 22nd, Virgo is in celebration as the Sun passes the through the constellation of the Virgin. Virgo is a Mercury-ruled Earth sign; Virgos tend to be low-key, deeply analytical and detail-oriented beings with powerful leadership abilities. Here is an herbal wreath tailored just to Vrigo plant, planet and emotional energies. Wreath: Grape Vine, lavender, thyme, chrysanthemum, chamomile, roses, fennel, spearmint, lemon balm, sea lavender, statice, poppy pods and a jade crystal. The grapevine wreath is approx 6" in diameter. With added florals the diameter varies up to 8'.

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