Popular Life Home

Popular Life Home - 4" Round Zen Yin & Yang Motif - Bead Embroidered Coasters

$ 42
Popular Life Home Yin & Yang Motif Bead Embroidered coasters are exquisite handmade glass beads, opulent fabric & fine intricate hand beading makes this a unique addition to your home decor. Quality craftsmanship and lovely handmade glass beads are strung together to form a beautiful Yin & Yang motif in black and white that adds to the aura of peace and serenity.Use alone or in sets, perfect for a coffee table, dining table, breakfast bar, on the patio and a variety of other places.*Beading is on the front of the coaster only. Fabric Content - Glass Beads Care Instructions - Gently spot clean with a damp cloth and avoid spilling any liquids Color - Black/White

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