Subtle & Wild

Subtle & Wild - Bath Bombs

$ 7.50
All-natural hundred percent organic ingredients. This is intended for external use only- please do not use it internally or ingest it at all. Keep away from pets & small children. You should consult if you are pregnant, nursing, or have nut allergies. , the size is 4.50 ounces per bath bomb. You will not get to select the scent of floral options for these. They will come in 5 scents: -Lavender: dried lavender buds -Mango: dried calendula flowers -Roses: dried rose petals -Vanilla: dried oatmeal flakes -Lemon: dried calendula flowers Ingredients: Baking soda, magnesium sulfate (bath salt), almond oil, sunflower oil, cornstarch, mica colored powder, citric acid, dried flowers, and fragrance oil

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