The Wine Savant / Khen Glassware

The Wine Savant Hand Warmer Mug, Handmade Pottery

$ 25
* Get cozy and enjoy your favorite hot beverage in style and comfort with this unique and elegant ceramic mug in a desert green finish. * Unlike traditional coffee mugs, this mug is designed with an ergonomic contoured pocket which allows you to wrap your right hand in comforting warmth while enjoying your favorite beverage. * Whether you fill your mug with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, these unique handmade mugs are perfect for chilly mornings on the porch, or just sitting around the campfire with loved ones on a cold night. * The warmth from the heat of your drink will make sure your hand and fingers are warm! Treat yourself or friends and family to this unique and practical mug! * This handwarmer mug is dishwasher & microwave safe, handmade from lead-free clay, and holds up to 14 fl oz.

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