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Women's Adult Cozy Cat Christmas Jumpsuit -

$ 78
Funny Cat Xmas Cozy PJ's Pajamas for Christmas Morning Fit: Unisex product. Please reference size chart Want to be the coolest cat at the party? This Christmas cat jumpsuit will make everyone do a double take. It's like someone opened a whole bag of felines, mixed in a thousand Santa hats, and then released the furry beasts all over your outfit. You'll find a fantastic mix of breeds and facial expressions on the critters featured on this jumpsuit. There are short hair and long hair Santa cats, those that look thrilled beyond words to be part of your apparel, and those that have a drop-dead angry stare that will make people think twice about messing with you. This jumpsuit is begging to be taken out on the town for a spin. But we think you'll be more inclined to curl up by the fire and spend the day napping, lost in a nostalgic daydream of Christmases long ago. Yes, there's just something about this endearing design that brings a tear to the eye and a hairball to the throat.

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