Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves - Women's Gaudy Garland Cardigan

$ 66
Women's Gaudy Garland Cardigan - Tacky Christmas Sweater with Ornaments. Are you ready for some seriously Gaudy Garland fashion? Our women's sequin cardigan will add a tree-load of glitter to your wardrobe this season. It's got a lot more than tinsel to make you into the ultimate shiny distraction at any holiday party. You won't be able to resist shaking your baubles when you shimmy into this green on green delight. Thankfully, these ornaments aren't made of glass-you won't break if you bump into other partiers on the dance floor. What should you wear with this holiday cardigan? It's hard to say. You might want to go with something subdued because there aren't many pieces of apparel that can compete (except maybe some of our awesome Xmas leggings). Fortunately, this is a cardigan. That means you can pull a quick-change act if you want to go from silly to sexy later in the evening. Hand Wash or Dry Clean only

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