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Wildflower + Co. - Positivity Quote Patches

$ 6
Affirmation / Positive Patches are a cute way to remind yourself (& others) of positive affirmations, self motivation, and overall good vibes! ♥ Do What Makes You Happy ♥ Trying My Best ♥ Be Kind to Yourself ♥ Have a Nice Day ♥ You Are Enough Sizes: ♥ Do What Makes You Happy approx. 3" w x 2" h ♥ Trying My Best approx. 4" w x 1.5" h ♥ Be Kind to Yourself approx. 3.5" w x 2" h ♥ Have a Nice Day approx. 2.5" w x 2" h ♥ You Are Enough approx. 3""w x 2" h Use this patch for an instant update on just about anything! Wildflower + Co. patches feature iron-on backings & ship with instructions (can also be stitched, glued, etc.). ♥ Designed by & exclusive to Wildflower + Co. ♥ Iron on backing; ships with instructions ♥ Imported ♥ Listing is for one patch (unless you purchase the bundle) ♥ Designed by & exclusive to Wildflower + Co. Make it your own!

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