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About Us

Stroll is a chic little boutique where the streets meet the beach in San Diego, CA. 
Stroll was a play off of our first business, Stop Shop and Roll. SSR was a fashion truck on wheels that started in Oakland, CA in 2012 and traveled back to SD in 2013. SSR had its last ride in 2015 and that’s when Stroll was born, our first brick and mortar located in Little Italy, SD. Stroll started with woman’s apparel & accessories, but now includes home decor, baby apparel and the perfect gift for him to her.  
Who’s in the Driver Seat? 
Katie McCarthy is a gal with a dream who always wanted her own store. Katie, worked at Nordstrom for 11 years and decided to take the plunge to become a fashion truck entrepreneur. Katie's determination, drive, passion and a lot of late nights with her favorite pal Captain (aka shop dog) allowed her to build her company to where it is now. 
What’s our Stroll mean? 
Our Stroll is fun, affordable and encourages you to BE YOU! We don’t believe in rules or what everyone else is wearing, we try to be different and curate the best merchandise, so you can enjoy a more comfortable and confident Stroll.
Stroll =  A Person who strolls the city in order to experience it; The ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures.