Eyda Homes

Eyda Homes - Terrazzo Marble Coasters: Stylish Protection for Table

$ 38
Designed to protect your furniture from unsightly water rings and stains, our marble coasters feature a smooth and polished surface that prevents condensation from beverages from seeping through. Say goodbye to worries about moisture damage and hello to a pristine and well-preserved tabletop. The generous size of our coasters accommodates a wide range of glassware, from mugs to wine glasses, ensuring a secure fit and ample space for any beverage. The sturdy weight of the marble provides stability, preventing accidental spills and offering a reliable surface for resting your drinks. Colour : Natural Material : Marble Shape : Square Size: 4X4inches Square Coaster : Set of 4 Wash Care: Spot Clean Only COLOR DISCLAIMER: Colors are slightly different of actual because of handmade process and product photography HANDLING TIME: 2-3 business days

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