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Sourcebooks - Big F*cking Dreams (HC)

Sale price$ 19.99

An irreverent manifestation journal to teach readers how to dream bigger than they ever f*cking believed! 208-page hardcover. Ah, manifestation. Crystal balls, tarot cards, and star signs. F*ck that. Manifestation is not about woo-woo wishes and putting out good vibes. It's about being grateful for the sh*t you have, attracting the sh*t you want, and dreaming bigger than you ever f*cking believed. It's for the high achievers, the goal-setters, the ones who want to carpe the f*ck out of every diem. It's drawing up the plans, growing through our mistakes, and actually reaching for the damn stars. So, throw out the horoscopes, grab your schematics, and let's build those BIG F*CKING DREAMS!
Sourcebooks - Big F*cking Dreams (HC)
Sourcebooks - Big F*cking Dreams (HC) Sale price$ 19.99